Julian Malin – Bungalow Extension and Windmill Installation – Stoke Golding, Leicestershire

Julian and Lynn wanted us to design a side extension for their bungalow. We designed a large area split into a small washroom and a much larger living area that the family can use as recreational area. The designs met this brief and also provided a lovely visual connection to the countryside surrounding the property.

Julian also asked us to help with the planning application for the installation of a restored heritage windmill that he intended to put in the extensive gardens that surround his home. The windmill is to act as a water pump for a well on the property, providing water to irrigate the grounds.

We created extensive visuals for this planning application, to ensure that the windmill and the extension sat discreetly in the beautiful environment surrounding Stoke Golding.

The Windmill has been installed, as can be seen from the video below.