Interior Design

Our Interior Design projects bear the hallmarks of our flair & our technical know-how, providing spaces that allow people to learn, work & play.

Interior Design Portfolio

Here are the latest projects in our Interior Design portfolio that range from domestic properties to museums, visitor centres and exhibitions:

What We Do

Due to a long history of Interior Design projects, we have great experience in helping clients to visualise exactly what they want from their projects, liaising between our clients, contractors and suppliers to establish just what can be done to deliver our clients their dream projects.

We work closely with our clients and use our experience in design coordination to understand their exact requirements & to develop creative, yet well thought out solutions to whatever problems their project faces.

We’re experienced at working with individuals, with projects like residential design, & dealing with contractors on large collaborative projects, such as museum design, project management or exhibition design.

This has gained us a great reputation for incredible Interior Design & professionalism. This, along with our technical skills in 2D, 3D or CAD design, will ensure that your project will be delivered both on time and as expected.

Get in touch

We would love to have a conversation with you regarding your interior design project, whether it’s an exhibition-style project, a museum in need of designing or even a smaller residential project. Please feel free to get in touch using any of the details below.