Nick Carvell, Leicestershire County Council – Concept Design – Review

As Transport and Fleet manager at Leicestershire County Council, I used Barnaby to create some images of a specialist vehicle we were planning to have built. The images were created and subsequently used in our design meetings to ensure the vehicle met our needs. Using full colour detailed images allowed the work force to visualise the design and request modifications for the actual build. The vehicles were built to the specification created using the images. These were the most successful vehicles we had ever had built as they arrived exactly as expected with all the add-ons identified. On other builds we missed important aspects but the superb detailed drawings enabled us to capture these. Images were completed on time and requested changes carried out very quickly. The price for the work was excellent and the value it delivered paid that back 100 times. Cannot recommend the design social and Barnaby enough. Nick Carvell (now) Head of Transport Leicestershire Police Nick left reviews for us at Google and Yell